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Recognition, Treatment, and Monitoring of Canine Hypovolaemic Shock

| Topics in Companion Animal Medicine | 2020 | This paper could be used as the basis of a discussion on the management of hypovolaemic shock in dogs …

Corona virus

COVID-19 and animals

Published 20 April 2020 | Updated 28 July 2020
A review of the latest available evidence on SARS-CoV-2, the virus associated with the disease COVID-19, and animals …

Importing rescue dogs into the UK: reasons, methods and welfare considerations

C. Norman, J. Stavisky and C. Westgarth | Veterinary Record | February 2020
The aim of this study, which was funded by the Animal Welfare Foundation, was to establish the reasons why people adopt rescued dogs from outside the UK and to investigate health and welfare problems with these dogs…

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Diagnosis and treatment of demodicosis in dogs and cats

R.S. Mueller, W. Rosenkrantz, E. Bensignor, J. Karaś‐Tęcza, T. Paterson and M.A. Shipstone | Veterinary Dermatology | January 2020
The aim of these consensus guidelines, produced by the World Association for Veterinary Dermatology (WAVD), is to provide recommendations on the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of demodicosis in dogs and cats…

Development of a clinical tool to aid endotracheal tube size selection in dogs

G. Haider, K. Lorinson, D. Lorinson and U. Auer | Veterinary Record | February 2020
The aim of this two-part study was: 1) to identify a phenotypic parameter which correlates with the inner tracheal diameter (ITD) in order to predict the best-fitting endotracheal tube size (ETS), and 2) to develop a chart to assist in ETS selection…