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Inter-observer agreement of canine and feline paroxysmal event semiology and classification by veterinary neurology specialists and non-specialists

Sleeping and resting respiratory rates in dogs and cats with medically-controlled left-sided congestive heart failure

Owner photographs dogs teeth for televeterinary

Remote consulting

Published 19 August 2020 | Updated 14 April 2021 |
This Spotlight highlights papers which provide useful points for consideration for those providing remote consultations…

Home monitoring of heart rate and heart rhythm with a smartphone-based ECG in dogs

T. Vezzosi, R. Tognetti, C. Buralli, F. Marchesotti, V. Patata, E. Zini and O. Domenech | Veterinary Record | December 2018
The aims of this study were to evaluate the feasibility of owners recording ECG tracings of their dogs at home with a smartphone ECG device, to assess owner satisfaction with carrying out the task and to assess the quality of the ECG tracings for interpretation…